Sunday, January 24, 2010

Social networking - time consuming progression

I had some grand plans about getting some new posts up tonight until I realised the amount of background work that is needed for this social networking foray.

In order to post my Australia Day project I need to make available a pdf pattern file. Hmmm... ok, off to MediaFire to make an account and get the file uploaded and ready. Hang on, while I am at it, let's get that Flickr slideshow added to the blog so if I can actually entice anyone over her I have something to show. Crap, gotta sign up for Flickr too and then upload the photos. No, wait! I need to add a copyright to my images and make them smaller so I don't go over my account limit. Oh dear, while I have everything open I should probably send all these sites to the one email address so if anyone comments I don't need to check a dozen emails.

Wow, what a job!

So the result is I have done hours of work and have very little to show for it. Typical :D

At least my little blog is looking good now, especially with help from bloggertemplatesblog and their easy tutorial on how to add social networking buttons to posts. And bloggerbuster's super simple rundown on adding a Flickr photostream of your photos. A serious thank you to all bloggers out there that can simplify the jargon for the rest of us.

On that note, any comments or suggestions about my blog would be very welcome. Constructive stuff of course!

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