About Me

Queensland, Australia
My name is Nikki and I am a mother, wife and artist.

I freelance as an artist and designer, play World of Warcraft with my husband and create whenever I can manage. Somewhere in there I manage to keep everyone fed, clothes washed and sometimes I can even wield the vacuum. None of this would be possible without the support of my husband and the amazing and totally selfless understanding of my family, who, in spite of not always understanding why I do the things I do, are always quick to give me room when I run off on a creative tangent. And of course the fact that my husband has deafened himself to the dulcet sounds of hammering at midnight and I have successfully managed to totally corrupt my son and instil in him a wondrous sense of adventure. My daughter is well on her way too.

Here you will find my art and processes, tutorials, musings about my life and family and my various adventures into gardening, clean (ok, clean-ish) living and eco-awareness.
My arts are extensive and most things that pique my interest are tried at least once. I use a variety of mediums; from acrylic on canvas to pencil, ink, gouache, resin, beads, leather, polymer clay, silver, copper, brass, fabric and paper.

You can find me as Eternallyeve on craftster.org.

Now for the legal bits...
Please note, all words, work and images are copyright Nicole Fowell/Eveningsong Ink.

Tutorials and patterns:
Make as many as you like for yourself and as gifts. Have a ball! Make oodles! But please do not sell the tutorials, patterns or products. If you would like to re-post a tutorial on your own blog please contact me to arrange permission, but it should be fine :)

All artwork images are watermarked for my copyright protection. If you are interested in purchasing a print or original please contact me.

I freely share my information but please remember that my tutorials, patterns and artwork are not for re-sale or profit. I'm sure you understand how much time and effort goes into this little blog and I would hate to see my words or work pinched.