Monday, October 8, 2012

DIY best ever spa-quality body scrub for free

Ever felt like your skin is terribly dry, or bumpy, or oily? Ever had one of those days when you just want to 'me' time and a little pampering? Yep, me too. My remedy for all of these is some tlc in the form of a quick, simple and free beauty treatment.

This body scrub is EASY, QUICK and best of all, usually FREE!

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Oil (see note below)
Sugar - any sugar with a good grain will work, I love raw sugar as it is a bit rougher than white sugar. Brown and caster sugar are a little finer which would be good for finer skin but don't ry icing sugar or you'll just end up with frosting!

Oil note: any unflavoured oil is good. I use olive or rice bran as they are both light and gentle. Coconut oil would be fabulous for drier skin, just heat it a little first to soften it. Stay away from the garlic or chilli infused oil unless you want to smell like a pizza :P and yes, you can use baby oil (mineral oil) but that stuff is a petrochemical product so it really isn't good for you.

Fancy stuff:
Essential oil (or cheaper scented oil from the dollar shop - the scent won't last as long but it's still good)
Botanicals like dried ground flower petals, dried fine herbs
Cupboard-based scents like ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, cooking flavours or essences
Baking soda, epsom salts or ground oats

  1. Do me a favour, before you use your scrub, feel your skin. Is it dry? bumpy? clogged? Take note :)
  2. Find yourself a wide-mouth, shallow container. It needs to have an opening big enough for you to get your fingers into and shallow enough your fingers can reach the bottom. A bowl is fine or a wide-mouth recycled jar if you want to make extra or give as a gift.
  3. Add at least 1/2 cup of sugar and if you are adding any botanicals, baking soda, salts or oats add them now and mix them in.
  4. Slowly add and mix in enough oil to make the sugar look like wet sand. It should be wet enough to clump together but not so much that it oozes. 
  5. In the bathroom fill your tub or shower with enough water to reach your ankles. WARNING: when the oil and sugar drop to the floor it will be slippery; use a non-slip bath mat and water so the mixture falls into the water and disperses, rather than coating the floor with oil.
  6. Stand in the water and grab small amounts of your scrub ( about a tablespoon)and smear on your hands. Starting at your feet, rub the mix over your skin in circular motions, moving upwards towards your heart. When you get to your arms, go from hand to shoulder and from your face down your neck towards your heart. This gets your circulation going.
  7. When you are all scrubbed turn on your shower and rinse off. Follow with a good clean with your favourite soap or body wash. I love to use a body wash and loofah to add a little extra exfoliating. You may want to soap up twice if you can still feel the oil on your skin.
  8. Now feel your skin again. I guarantee it will feel smoother, less bumpy and much more supple.

Best ever pick-me-up: 
  1. Follow your scrub with a hair wash and condition, brush your teeth and shave whatever bits you shave. Grab your foot file and exfoliate your feet too.
  2. Moisturise all over, including your hair. Don't forget you can add a few drops of light cooking oil to your hands and work through the ends of your hair in lieu of conditioner. Lather your feet in moisturiser and pop on some socks.
  3. Grab some nail polish and a file and give yourself a manicure and pedicure and follow with a bright nail colour. The best remedy is to do this while watching your favourite movie/tv show or listening to your favourite music.
NOW you should feel better/more relaxed/calmer/happier or all the above!

I like to use this scrub at least once a fortnight but weekly would do your skin wonders. Don't forget to drink lots of water too, for great skin and if you have cornflour and baking soda in your cupboard, why not treat yourself to a homemade body powder too?


  1. I love making yummy scrubs! Ground coffee is apparently good for those 'wobbly bits' and I love the smell in the morning :)
    I definitely need one of these 'pick me up' routines!

  2. Thanks for the tip Clare! I hope this scrub works out as well for you as it does me, it really helps those crummy days when I do a little pampering :)