Thursday, January 26, 2012

Time flies, allow me to recap...

In attempting to find where the time has gone, I felt compelled to make a list. I have had 2 months free of study and swore to myself that after Christmas I would devote plenty of time to my own artwork and build a nice little library of work. While I did manage to complete 3 new pen drawings and an inked drawing, I didn't manage anywhere near what I planned. My wall is still full of post-its with ideas, plans and random names for artwork :(

In no particular order:
  • Hosted Christmas dinner
  • Prepared my son for his first year of school including all prerequisite uniform, stationery, backpack, lunchbox, textbook and accessory shopping. That quite frankly deserved a month all to itself
  • Hosted and promoted my first blog giveaway on two blogs
  • Opened an Etsy store
  • Sewed a panne velvet quilt
  • Baked a three tier chocolate cake, shortbread, sugar cookies, marshmallow slice, chocolate coated marshmallows and pretzels for dozens
  • Sewed 7 baby dresses, 5 headbands and made a dozen hairclips
  • Sewed a dinosaur pillow, wrist cuffs and made a customised dinosaur dig
  • Painted 5 shirts, a golf towel and made tulle pom poms for decorations
  • Put together 8 baby and child gift hampers for donation
  • Did the Christmas shopping!
  • Took the kids for a photo with Santa, attended a Christmas concert and a graduation
  • Made a flogger and tickler
  • Had a short holiday - the first as a family of four
  • Painted a swan portrait
  • Played with a DSLR camera for the first time
  • Had a Christmas party and organised a Secret Santa
  • Kept blogging AND Facebooking :)
  • Participated in various Etsy treasury-making and promotion
  • Watched my son ride his first big-boy bike and scooter, saw my daughter stand for the first time, cut new teeth and do a handstand
  • Got my hair done, woot!
  • Read at least six new books - that's right, start to finish, I feel your envy :)
  • Lost weight, not quite as much as I would have liked but I haven't regained any. Don't let the door hit you in the ass, weight!
  • Drew pictures, played Search and Find, built transformers and read stories with my son
  • Cuddled, sang to and played with my daughter
  • Spent time with my husband, we even saw at least one good dvd (though the rest were crap, thanks Hollywood)
  • Took on extra page-layout work, voluntary work and I-don't-get-paid-for-this extensive promoting, networking and random business crap that's supposed to make people notice me
  • Laughed, cried, was amazed and schocked
  • Spent too much time anxious or depressed, but got over it
  • Did all the regular stuff that helps keep the home and family going
None of this was done alone, were it not for my husband taking kid-duty while I worked or my kids being so well behaved and quiet while I converse with clients or finish artwork I never would have made a quarter of this list. I still wish I could find more time to work on my own stuff but perhaps that's something I have to work on this year.

How has your summer (or winter) been so far? Have you achieved what you wanted?

Don't forget you can always fit in those missed projects in the future!

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