Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's all fun and games till someone gets murdered with a butcher knife

Hot on the heels of our jack-o-melon escapades came our family Halloween party. Loads of fun!

We had spider (chicken and corn pot) pies, chocolate spider biscuits with strawberry legs, snake jellies and balanced it all out with an unhealthy amount of m&ms and salted peanuts. mmmmmmmmmm

Spiders biscuits were inspired by these amazing treats and I used the recipe for these scrumptious cookies.

With the cookie recipe I tweaked it a bit due to time restraints. I eliminated the whole choc chips and used Sweet Williams lactose free chocolate chips for the melted choc. Seriously delicious but I would not recommend the recipe for these double, icing filled concoctions. The biscuit recipe is just too rich to really be able to enjoy these creepy crawlies. The filling is regular icing made with icing sugar and a little butter and the legs are strawberry licorice snipped into skinny threads. These would be phenomenal with a light filling and homemade blackcurrant or blueberry roll-ups for the legs.

Spider pies inspired by these yummy tentacle pies. I just made a quick chicken and corn pie filling from shredded bbq chicken, frozen corn kernel a basic white sauce and some concentrated chicken stock. Delish!

We topped it all off with Monsters Inc for Xavier, followed by Scream 4 and Pirates 4 + snuggles on the couch with the Mr.

Jelly cups recipe coming right up...

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