Friday, October 21, 2011

Creative conference of inspiration

Today was the first ever Analogue Digital Creative Conference. A brand new event (and on the Gold Coast, no travelling!) featuring inspiring arty types from various disciplines. Two speakers in particular stood out for me, Claudio Kirac and Dare Jennings, though all were interesting to hear and I came away with advice from everyone.

What captured me about these two were the way they expressed themselves to us. Both were very visual, interesting and funny but where Claudio caught me with his outrageous videos and humour, Dare's stunning photos and fascinating life were just as impressive.

Their stories could belong to any of us. I could have the same success and adventure they have had. Those two points are what really brought things home for me. I could DO that, I remember thinking. They both emphasised hard work and dedication but I expected that bit, I don't think anyone truly values something if they didn't need to sweat or try or burn for it. But their stories began so normally; I found myself noting that it didn't take some unattainable situation or opportunity for them to get started, so maybe I could reach those heights too.

Possibly the only thing that sets me on a different course is that with a young family, my considerations are directed differently. They will always be most important but I am a person too, and if I can make a success of my art then that paves the way for them too. I have found time to go to a gallery opening already and will be attending the Rabbit and Cocoon opening too. I'm pleased at taking the chance to attend, hopefully at the Rabbit and Cocoon event I'll actually find the chance to introduce myself and engage some artists in conversation. Honestly, self-marketing and breaking the ice in an industry where you know so few is really quite overwhelming, but if I don't then I am expecting people to just stumble across me and love me.

That sounds great, really, but I'm at least trying for realistic.

Plus, Rabbit and Cocoon have the Miami Marketta a local art/craft/local produce market. I've been looking at The Village Markets for a possible space next year but I want to check them out too.

So here's my favourite bits:
  • Be inspired by things, rather than design SouthSouthWest
  • Believe in yourself (cause if you don't, why should anyone else, right?) Claudio Kirac
  • Inspiration, Imagination, Innovation. The three I's Claudio Kirac
  • Do what you love (or would you rather spend your life hating what you do 40 hours a week and living for your weekend. Make life the weekend) Claudio Kirac
  • Challenge people's preconceptions, if they can pigeonhole you they can dismiss you (the epitome of 'keep 'em guessing) Dare Jennings
  • Find the art in the object (how true. Art can be found in the strangest places, it doesn't need to grace the walls of a gallery to be art) Dare Jennings 
Personal musings in italics. They were much better versed than I :P

If you have a chance, check these guys out. They are creative, dedicated, talented, inspirational and generous. They are who I will be.

One day.

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