Saturday, December 31, 2011


I am gradually filling my new store with art prints. It's taking time as I just cannot seem to list anything without playing, tweaking and adjusting!

So far I have added my Pegasus Limited Edition art prints and my Swan Princess Open Edition art prints to join the digital owls and Matryoshka doll.

The plan is to keep the digital art pieces as open editions and the fine art prints and special digital pieces as limited editions. I want to offer something for everyone but I feel that with my fine art pieces and the more labour-intense and meaningful digital works they deserve limited prints. I want my customers to understand that all these artworks come from my heart and mind, they are all special to me and I want them to special to others too. I know you can pop out to the $2 store and pick up a print for like $5 but where is the soul behind it? What do you know of the artist? Do customers pick them because the artwork speaks to them and holds special meaning or because it matches the drapes?

I have always felt that art should be personal, meaningful and a delight every day; not something just to fill the void. Hopefully you will find something beautiful and personal in my pieces and want to see them every day too :)

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