Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Behold! the Jack-o-melon!

Basically, I live in Australia where pumpkins are now $4.00 per kilo but watermelons are only $1.30 per kilo, plus I don't really like pumpkin but I love watermelon. So thus the Jack'o'lantern was born!

Full of glowy red goodness...

In the making...

Front - face...

I love this much more than my previous pumpkins and it was sooo much easier to carve! And the red insides just jump with Halloween glee. There was some debate about whether the candles would work but they go great and are slowly drying out the inside. I tipped out all the excess water first and packed it full of paper towels for a few hours.

For the record, after being out in the air for a few hours these beauties are still damp inside but work wonderfully. A tealight candle will suffice but you could use a bigger candle if you really wanted to.

They get saggy after about a week and I wouldn't suggest leaving any jack-o'ed fruit or veg in the sun all day, so if you pop him out at night and leave him in the cool and shade during the day you should have a great jack-o-melon for a few weeks.

Oh, and a bucket-supply of watermelon for eating and mixing with vodka? Score!

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